Core Services

S.E.A. provides 5 Core Services

Core Services

The 5 Core Services are the basic services that an Independent Living Center provides. The five core services are Advocacy, Independent Living Skills, Information/ Referral, Peer Support, and Transition.  In addition to the 5 core services S.E.A offers a variety of other types of services to assist persons with disabilities to live more independently in their community.


Society for Equal Access plays an important part in advocating for disability rights. Activities are conducted on both an individual and systematic level to eliminate structural and communication barriers, provide accessible housing and transportation, enforce handicap parking, impact legislation and eliminate discrimination towards individuals with disabilities.

Independent Living

Independent Living Skills Training provides consumers with basic skills that support independent living goals. Training is provided in such areas as: Budget and Money Management Decision Making Education Employment Goal Setting Nutrition/Food Purchase and Preparation Personal Care Assistant Management Rights and Responsibilities Self Advocacy and Assertiveness Socialization.

Information and Referrals

Information and referral is provided in person, over the phone or through e-mail. Current information on housing, transportation, assistive technology and community services is provided to consumers as well as the community at large.

Peer Support

Peer Support is a self-help service in which a person with a disability or disability-related experience, knowledge and coping skills assists other individuals with disabilities to set goals and manage or cope with barriers. Peer Support can be in an individual or group setting. If you are interested in attending Peer Support please check out our Events page.


Our staff will assist individuals that are currently in facilities to transfer into the community.  We also assist individuals ages 17 -26 who are finished with their formal education that had an IEP while attending school, to transition into adulthood.